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One Benefit To Exercising

Jogging Pic
If I were to survey everyone and ask them what benefits there are to exercising, the amount of resulting answers would be nearly endless. There is a myriad of health benefits, and then there is the .... read more

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Simple Ways To Really Save

Increase Your Savings
When you think of saving, what comes to mind? Saving money on a purchase? That is always good, but what is great is doing real saving: setting aside money as opposed to reducing what is spent. When .... read more

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Exercising Does Not Mean Going to the Gym

This afternoon I overheard a brief conversation in the elevator.  Two overweight, not obese, gentlemen were laughing at the fact that each man had a doughnut in hand.  The conversation went .... read more

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Add One Thing to Your Routine and Take One Out

Every human being on the planet has some form of a routine.  Even if you just wake up and decide what to do everyday, you still have a routine of making that decision.  Now, think of everyth.... read more

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Help Yourself Before You Help Others

Help Yourself
Everyone knows the old saying that you need to care for yourself before you are truly able to provide support or assistance to another person; but, do you really know how to take care of yourself?&nbs.... read more

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Why You Should Start a Garden

Vegetable Garden
Last weekend, I was visiting a friend's house when I noticed that he had a large garden growing a variety of vegetables. This reminded me that so much of the food that we eat comes from mystery locati.... read more

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Finding The Right Diet Plan For You

Eat Vegetables
Many people view dieting as something difficult to do, yet at the same time very important. W want to be sure that our diet will work for our specific needs and will address whatever issues we have th.... read more

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Professional Life Coaching

Not all life coaches are created equal. What does a professional life coach look like? At the end of the day almost anyone can call themselves a life coach, but there is a significant difference betw.... read more

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Developing a Strategy to Meet Financial Goals

Pay Off Your Mortgage
In addition, setting up a budget also allows you to achieve your financial goals. Are you trying to pay off student loans? Has it been a dream of yours to make that last mortgage payment? These are im.... read more

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A Healthy Diet, a Mediterranean Diet

A common diet that many people are following today is the Mediterranean diet. Although the diet was first published in the 1940s people have not taken to the diet until the 1990s. The health benefits .... read more

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