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Exercising Does Not Mean Going to the Gym

ExerciseThis afternoon I overheard a brief conversation in the elevator.  Two overweight, not obese, gentlemen were laughing at the fact that each man had a doughnut in hand.  The conversation went something like:

Guy 1: "Is this in the Paleo Diet haha."

Guy 2: "It is if the bagel I ate this morning is too."

Guy 1: "Why don't we just workout more then eat more doughnuts?"

Guy 2: "Eh, I hate going to the gym."

Stop right there.  Guy 2's last statement is what made me cringe my teeth.  Is it possible that there are a ton of people simply associate the idea of exercising with the notion of actually going to the gym?  Even if there are only a few people who believe that, then I am squashing this bug right now. 

You don't have to go to the gym to exercise!  You can walk from your house or desk to anywhere.  You can take your bike for a stroll.  You can go on a hike.  You can do situps, pushups, or jumping jacks in your own home!  You can even grab a basketball and take it down to the park.  There are a million ways to exercise and all of them will have a positive impact on your life.  To those who hate the gym, you should never go to the gym.  But, you should still exercise.


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