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Help Yourself Before You Help Others

Help YourselfEveryone knows the old saying that you need to care for yourself before you are truly able to provide support or assistance to another person; but, do you really know how to take care of yourself?  I don't mean taking a relaxing bath or treating yourself to ice cream; instead, I'm asking you, what do you do on a regular basis that gives you a feeling of freedom, bliss, and excitement?  Start thinking bigger. 

For my wife and I, we love to disappear on our weekends.  With a home base in Salt Lake City, we are able to hit a lot of destinations without taking a day off of work.  Last week, we went to Yellowstone and the week before we went to Zion National Park.  Next weekend, we are heading into Colorado to explore ghost towns; and, the weekend after that we will be flying to Detroit to see abandoned factories.

The feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, in full on adventure mode, is what gives me a larger than life kind of feeling.  It satisfies my desire to learn, while allowing me to explore and bond with my wife, all at the same time.  When we get back to SLC on Sunday nights, we feel revitalized.  I suppose some people revitalize at a spa or soaking in natural hot springs, and we tried that for a while.  Unfortunately, that just didn't do it for us, so we tried something else.

We've been full-time weekend explorers for almost three years, and our ability to produce at work has been on the up ever since.  With complete confidence, I can tell you that my wife and I are very capable of helping other people during the week because we know how to help ourselves when we're away.  If you don't know what gives you that feeling, then it's time to try something new.  Take a weekend in Vegas, or try a National Park.  Try a beach getaway, or try volunteering at a children's hospital.  Get out of your element, and you may be able to find yourself.  Then you can truly help other people because they will want to know more about what makes you so happy every day.  Make sense? 


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