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One Benefit To Exercising

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If I were to survey everyone and ask them what benefits there are to exercising, the amount of resulting answers would be nearly endless. There is a myriad of health benefits, and then there is the subsequent financial benefits due to the health benefits.

Well, I have discovered a benefit that I would like to add to the list, and it is a benefit that I have not read about before. In fact, it took me a little bit of experimenting to confirm that the benefit was indeed linked to my exercising. 

A few months ago, I started to go for a half hour jog once a week after work. I have a generally sedentary job, so this change was welcomed and enjoyed. It felt really good to get the blood moving after a day of sitting down. Well, after the first few weeks I noticed a pattern: I would have an easier time waking up the next morning.

Nearly every morning when I get up, I have such a hard time getting out of bed. I have to hit the snooze button several times, but the morning after exercising, I was able to literally jump out of the bed and start my day. What is even more interesting is that I confirmed this trend, seeing that this occurred every week like this.


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