Recognizing Client Learning Styles

Each of your clients is a unique person and as a life coach part of your job is to connect with each client by finding out what their unique learning style is. Every person has an individual learning style that is specific to them. There are many tests that can determine a learning style and all of them have a unique way of classifying each learning type but the best way is to simple pick a test that works best for you and your coaching method and then ask each of your clients to complete it. You could also ask your clients to take a couple different ones to get a deeper understanding of how your client learns but don’t go overboard or both you and your client can get overwhelmed.

Take the Test

Once you’ve selected a test and asked your client to take it make sure that they’re giving the test proper time and consideration. If your client is just rushing through it like it’s a high school exam it won’t be of any help to either you and could put a negative spin on your coaching relationship. Remind your clients that this test isn’t homework and that there are no wrong answers -it’s simply there to help you gain a better understanding of how you can help them.

Analyze the Results

Review the results of each clients learning test carefully. Try not to make any assumptions about the answers they’ve given or the results of the test. Look at the conclusion without drawing any assumptions and then compare this information with what you already know about your client.

If you haven’t already it’s a good idea to ask your client to fill out a brief questionnaire regarding themselves so that both of you can get a picture of what you’re working with. This also allows the client to evaluate what kind of progress he’s made while working with you.

Apply It!

Now that you have a better idea of how your client learns evaluate that information and apply it directly to your coaching. For example - if you had your client take a test that categorizes them as an audial, visual, kinesthetic, or reading/writing learning and you’ve learned that your client is an audial learner you can immediately put that into effect in your coaching.

This kind of information can have a great deal of impact on the level of effect your coaching has on your client. As an audial learning your client might respond better to coaching over the phone, recorded messages of encouragement and even inspiring music. These sorts of little methods can make a tremendous difference to the level of value that your clients receive from you and recognizing that as well as taking the necessary steps to improve that value are key fundamentals to being a successful life coach.