How To Get Great Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a huge part of your ability to get new clients as a life coach because testimonials are literally the “product reviews” of your coaching business. If you aren’t getting feedback from your clients that you feel is good enough to be used as testimonials then you definitely need to take a look at the level of value your coaching is providing your clients.

Testimonials are what give your future clients confidence in you and the services you are providing as a life coach. Without testimonials and direct feedback from previous clients your future clients will often feel like they’re shooting blind and it can decrease the number of new clients you receive dramatically.

If you are receiving feedback that is positive and would be beneficial to have in a testimonial but for some reason you haven’t applied it as such - then it’s a different issue completely.

Typically where most people struggle when it comes to getting those wonderful, glowing testimonials we all want is in feeling like they deserve those kinds of testimonials.

Client Testimonial Breakthroughs!

If your clients end your coaching calls or sessions with you by gushing over what they’ve hit on, how they’ve come to new realizations, or even just their excitement or enthusiasm over their new ideas and pursuits then it’s clear that your coaching is obviously providing value and that you as a life coach are providing a good service.

So when those situations come up don’t be afraid to recognize that you’ve done a good job and then ask for a testimonial. You don’t have to be all formal or demanding about it - simply say “Hey, I’m really glad you gained ________ from our session today. Would you mind writing that down so I can use it as a testimonial?”

Most clients will be more than happy to put their thoughts down for you to use and more often than not they come up with even more that they love about you/your coaching as they are writing it. And if for some reason they say no just thank them anyway and be glad that you at least asked.

Just Ask!

Asking alone is the biggest step and usually if you just remember to ask you’ll have more than enough testimonials to erase the doubt any future clients may have about hiring you as a life coach.

There will be times where a testimonial a client sends you could use a little proofreading or rewording - usually your client will be just fine with you making some minor edits to their testimonial as long as the general message of it remains intact. If you choose to do any editing only do what is absolutely necessary and remember to run your changes by your client before you put their testimonial up on any websites or display it publicly.

Different Kinds of Client Testimonials

Also be sure to get a feel for the kinds of testimonials you’re putting up and don’t put up too many that say the same type of thing. You want your testimonials to be positive in nature but also widely varied in the feedback they provide. If too many of your testimonials say the same thing it can feel redundant and it can make your clients wonder if there is anything else you’re good at. Not to mention the more of a variety of benefits your clients are able to experience from your coaching the larger number of clients you will sign on because your coaching will be able to help so many different people.

Remember to put your testimonials to the most use you can. Don’t just limit them to hanging out on your website. If someone emails you asking for coaching information send them the info they need and include a few of your best testimonials. If you get a call ask for an address and send your info and again - your best testimonials.

Take note of how many new clients you’re getting before and after you incorporate testimonials into your marketing and see what the changes are. Remember to ask, edit, and use your testimonials to the best of our abilities!