Creating A Vision For Your Coaching

One of your main goals as a life coach should be to assist your client in creating their life exactly the way they want it to be. A step that people often in miss in this process is actually sitting down and deciding what they truly want their life to look like. And while that can be a helpful realization for your clients it can also be a great step for a life coach to take as well - specifically when it comes to your coaching business.


Have a Vision

If you don't have a vision then your business certainly won't have a vision, and if your business doesn't have a vision then it won't be going anywhere. The key to reaching new heights with your clients and your coaching is to be completely decided and clear on where you're looking to go. The best way to do this is to simply decide what it is you want.

Make Measurable Goals

Do you want to double the number of clients you have? Maybe you want to branch off and specialize in a certain field of coaching. Is there a new city or other place you'd prefer your coaching to be based in? Perhaps you want to create an entirely new type of coaching that's unique to you. Maybe you just want to increase your income by two or three times. Whatever it is that you want to come from your coaching business get clear about it and begin taking the steps that move you in that direction.

You see, once you and your business have a vision of where you're both going it's much easier to get there. After you've firmly decided what it is you want you can begin to gather the resources and assistance you require to move in that direction - whereas before, without any sense of where you want to go, you just sort of drift around aimlessly never really committing to anything or taking action.

Key Factors

There are some coaches that even without a vision will do well and this is often a result of a combination of factors. Sometimes it's because the coaching that person is providing is so valuable that their business does well without much direction from them. Sometimes it's because of the demand for that specific kind of coaching. Other times it's simply a matter of luck. The important thing to remember is that such people would be immensely more successful than they already are if they took the time to instill a sense of vision into their work. So remember not to compare your vision to others and do not be deterred by others that are operating in their businesses (or lives) without a vision.

The key here is to get really serious about the direction you want your coaching to take by being ultra specific about it and then to follow through by taking lots of little steps towards those goals every single day.

Get Goal Specific

So let's say that your vision for your coaching business is to earn more money from your coaching. Well how much is "more"? "More" doesn't provide enough of a concrete benchmark for you to achieve it. A big part of achieving your goals is by making them achievable - makes sense right? But seriously if you don't make your goals measurable and well defined you won't know when you've achieved them which means you wont ever really achieve them - and that's not good for you or your business.

Now maybe you've decided that you want to earn an extra $5,000 a month from your coaching in addition to what you already make. That is a measurable goal - you can see how much revenue your coaching is pulling right now and what an additional five grand a month would look like for your finances so its very clear when you've hit that mark of pulling in that extra income.

Next, with your vision of making an extra five grand in mind begin to take the steps that are required to make that a reality. That could look like bringing in more clients, it could mean developing a new product within your coaching, or it could mean raising your rates and maybe doing some more marketing. Whatever method you choose remember to begin by small steps.

You don't need to go out and try to cold call 150 people every single day just to pull in that extra five grand. Just start small.
The idea here is that you make small changes every single day to develop your vision. So maybe start by raising your prices just a bit or putting up some awesome testimonials - whatever works for you. Start with just a couple steps forward and soon that will grow and grow until you're making that extra five grand and you can look back at the path that got you there.

So remember - vision, measurable goals, and baby steps. That's all it takes to get on your way to creating amazing things with your coaching.