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The Habits of Productive People

There's always somebody in our life who seems to get more done throughout their week - and still have time to relax. Recent studies have shown that highly productive people have certain habits that boost their productivity. Here are a few habits that can help you have a more efficient, productive day; these are some of the habits that life coaches use to motivate clients. If you have habits to add to this list, we'd love to hear them!

Seven Habits for Productivity

1. Focus on the important things. This translates roughly into "disregard/don't dwell on the unimportant"

2. Plan your breaks. We are human beings - not robots - and we need breaks to re-energize. Plan out your breaks, and look forward to them. It will motivate you to work harder.

3. Eliminate distractions. Try to work without watching television, listening to music, or taking phone calls every ten minutes. Turn off your distractions - and it might be hard - but it will force you to really focus.

4. Think of what inspires you. Inspiration is the best motivater; when you feel like you're in a rut, remember why you're doing this, and what you love about it. Allow yourself to dwell in inspiration for a few minutes.

5. Become hard to reach. It's okay to shut off your phone, ignore your texts, and make your AIM status "away" (or sign out). With social technology developments, everyone is constantly twittering for your attention; so just turn it off. Become unavailable for a few hours. Your friends won't be mad - they'll understand that you're busy, and you'll reply to them when you're finished.

6. Optimize your extra time. Throughout the day, you'll find that you have extra time where you do nothing. Fill these time slots with reading, planning, writing, or dwelling in inspiration. These little breaks can add up to several hours a day.

7. Make goals with dates. It's good to make goals; it's better to have a concrete timeline for these goals. If you're pushing yourself to finish a project sooner, then there's extra motivation to complete it. Write out some concrete timelines for your projects and goals.

What habits have you found that increase your productivity? We'd love to hear!


06/01/2011 9:02pm
These are all great things you can do to stay productive.In order to stay productive, most of us must SIMPLIFY. Find four things you can do to stay productive. Decide on them. Learn them. Live them. You'll be productive. You'll be happy.

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