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Life Coaching For Life - What is a Personal Life Coach?

When I hear the words "life" and "coach" together, I think of a football coach with a whistle running up and down the sidelines as I run (or jog, rather) the length of the field, exhausted and out of shape. Although a life coach is, in some particular ways, like your own personal coach, the purpose of life coaching is to be more of a consultant than somebody who blows a whistle at you or gives you a slap on the back for a job well done. Life coaching is the practise of advising, encouraging and strengthening another person.

A personal life coach is just that - personal. In many ways, we all need somebody to give us advice when we come to a crossroads in life. A personal life coach is a third party source who can give you an unbiased, calculated and ultimately wise answer when it comes to difficult and personal life decisions. In addition to helping you assess your current situation, a personal life coach can help you focus on the future, and the goals you want to accomplish.

We all have inner wisdom - but sometimes, we can't access it. This is where a personal life coach comes into play. A life coach will hold powerful, insightful and challenging conversations with you to help you discover exactly what it is you want in life - and then they'll show you how to achieve it.

If you're interested in learning more about a personal life coach, check out our Personal Life Coach page today!


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