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Nutrition / Diet Coaching

Eating right requires a combination of self control and knowledge. Nutrition consulting and diet coaching can help you with both, giving you useful tips for improving your food intake regulation, and providing the knowledge you need in finding and combining the right foods. Weight loss coaching is a part of nutrition consulting, and many coaches also provide health coaching services. Check the individual coach profiles for more.

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Sophie Skover

715 Penn St. , West Palm Beach, FL
561. 252. 4800

Sophie Skover is a holistic life coach who helps with diet, organization, and personal life coaching. Sophie's strength lies in her ability to understand the underlying causes of problems, treating the cause rather than the symptom.

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Laurie Beebe

1226 Illini Drive , O'Fallon, IL

Laurie is a registered dietitian with extensive experience in life coaching. She has clients across the country who have experienced long-term changes to their lifestyles with her help.

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