Diet and Exercise Life Coaches

Some people have no problem waking up at 5:00 a.m. every morning and hitting the gym; others, myself included, have a harder time even working up the motivation to put on our tennis shoes! Are we just lazy, or are there more serious underlying issues?

Life Coaches and Exercise

You might be thinking, "I'll just go to the gym. I can start a workout routine by myself." How many times has this thought crossed your mind - and how  many times have you actually hit the gym, or that hiking trail, or pulled your bike out from the cobwebs of the garage?

A diet life coach is the person who can help you uncover the underlying issues that are preventing you from forming a healthy workout schedule. Is it intimidation? Is it laziness? Are you simply just uninterested in any kind of exercise? Is it a time management issue? A diet life coach will call the shots like they see it - and help you form the workout routine you've been wanting for so long.

Exercise Addiction

Many people are addicted to exercise - which seems like a good thing, right? In the eyes of a life coach, it's not healthy to be addicted to anything, no matter how good that "thing" may seem. Men and women around the world spend multiple hours every day in front of the mirror, dissecting and criticizing their bodies, which eventually turns into an addiction to working out and achieving "perfection". This might start out as a good thing, but an addiction, no matter what it is, always has severe consequences in the long run.

Healthy Exercise Habits

A diet life coach won't tell you to stop exercising; what they will show is how to exercise at a healthy rate. Exercising has endless health benefits - from decreased blood pressure to longevity, exercising on a daily basis has been known to decrease anxiety, help with depression, and improve a person's mood on an overall level. Yet when exercise is abused, it can actually begin to destroy a person's body. A life coach can subjectively help you understand the root of exercise addiction, and provide a rational solution that allows you to retain your love for working out while focusing on maintaining physical and emotional balance.

Life Coaches for Eating Disorders

Just as overeating is an emotional disorder, under-eating can also stem from deep-rooted psychological issues, specifically for women (although more and more men are being diagnosed with eating disorders). A diet life coach can equally address the conscious and subconscious issues associated with what's called a "fear of food" - or basically, a fear of gaining weight.

Fear of Food

An irrational fear of food is attributed to a distorted perception of one's body - and as more and more women in the media continue to starve themselves for bikini shoots (which are usually met with admiration from men and women alike), women around the globe become more insecure about their identity and image as a whole. A life coach can uncover the deep-seated, psychological reasons for eating disorders, and help men and women alike towards the road to recovery.

Emotional Eating

Depending on your circumstances, a diet life coach may focus on exercise, diet, or both of these topics and the underlying issues. If you struggle with overeating, then taking an honest, humble look at the reasons behind why you reach for that second danish are worth exploring.

A huge part of overeating is emotional - when people are angry, upset, depressed, tired, or a variety of other emotions, many turn to food for comfort. This isn't necessarily wrong, but self-medicating with anything is an unhealthy answer. A diet life coach will help you work through the issues that are tempting you to turn to food - and give you powerful insight on how to resist that temptation.

Take Charge of your Eating and Exercise!

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