R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Client

Remember to always be respectful; you simply can't know what’s going on in your client's life unless you investigate deeper. If a client comes to you and is upset, it may not be because your prices are unreasonable or your services aren’t valuable. Think about this: What if your client just got fired from his job and can’t afford your coaching anymore? What if his wife just received news that she was very ill and was going to require an expensive surgery? Or what if his son is graduating high school and your client hasn't budgeted college expenses for him? These may be slightly dramatic, but they are all plausible scenarios.

You can’t know what’s happening in a client's life unless you investigate first, so don’t try to guess or assume things right off the bat. Here are four easy steps to handle any heated situation:

  • Take what your client tells you at face value
  • Remember that it’s about THEM and not YOU
  • Gracefully accept the feedback you’re given
  • Move on with your day!

If you still think that the issue involves you and your client, then take a minute to put yourself in their shoes. Consider their position: How would it feel to be them right now? This can give you a new perspective while opening your eyes to what your client may be dealing with right now.