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Personal life coaching helps you overcome weaknesses and maximize strengths. Regardless of what you're doing, personal life coaches give you direct, honest, and useful advice that your friends and family members might never mention. Personal coaches focus on the positive, building you up and giving you encouragement as you reach your goals and find success.

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Diane Brandon

P. O. Box 16125 , Durham, NC
(919) 237-3204

Diane Brandon is a personal growth coach speaking to individuals and corporations throughout the country. Her passion is igniting the inner potential of her clients so that they may realize their own potential.

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Darryl Kenebrew

Dallas, TX

Darryl, known to some as "Mr. Opportunity," is a life improvement coach with a passion for human potential and growth.

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Sophie Skover

715 Penn St. , West Palm Beach, FL
561. 252. 4800

Sophie Skover is a holistic life coach who helps with diet, organization, and personal life coaching. Sophie's strength lies in her ability to understand the underlying causes of problems, treating the cause rather than the symptom.

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Dr. Lisa Leit

2306 Lake Austin Boulevard , Austin, TX

Dr Leit works with individuals who want to move forward. She applies a combination of traditional and holistic techniques together to help people and groups overcome their obstacles and find what they are looking for. She specializes in dispute resolution and helps everyone find an amicable solution....

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